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12 Months Courses

12 Months Courses

At TechNext Academy, our commitment to providing a comprehensive and transformative educational experience is epitomized by our meticulously designed 12-month courses. These programs are crafted with a vision to offer an extended and immersive learning journey, allowing students to delve deep into their chosen fields, cultivate expertise, and emerge as highly proficient professionals. In a world where specialization and in-depth knowledge are paramount, our 12-month courses provide a robust foundation for personal and professional growth.

The year-long duration of these courses is strategically designed to facilitate a thorough exploration of subjects, covering both theoretical frameworks and practical applications. This extended timeframe allows students not only to grasp the intricacies of their field but also to engage in hands-on experiences, fostering a profound understanding that goes beyond the surface level. It is a commitment to excellence that goes hand-in-hand with the ever-evolving demands of the contemporary job market.

TechNext Academy’s faculty, comprised of seasoned industry experts, plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational journey of our students. Their wealth of knowledge, coupled with practical insights gained through years of experience, ensures that learners receive not only theoretical expertise but also a pragmatic understanding of industry dynamics. The mentorship provided during these 12 months aims to mold individuals into well-rounded professionals, ready to navigate the complexities of their chosen profession.

These 12-month courses are not just educational endeavors; they are transformative experiences that empower individuals with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in their respective fields. Whether you are embarking on a new career path or seeking to augment your existing skill set, our year-long programs offer a holistic and immersive learning environment that nurtures talent and fosters continuous growth.

TechNext Academy invites ambitious individuals to embark on a 12-month educational journey that transcends traditional boundaries, providing the foundation for a successful and fulfilling career. Join us in this immersive experience, where every month counts towards your personal and professional evolution.

Course Name Duration Code
Diploma In Computer Application 12 Months TNAVC1000
Diploma In Office Administrator 12 Months TNAVC1003
Advance Diploma In Computer Application 12 Months TNAVC1004
Diploma In Financial Accounting 12 Months TNAVC1005
Diploma In Tally Professional 12 Months TNAVC1013
Advance Diploma In Computer Application & Programming 12 Months TNAVC1026
Diploma In Hardware & Networking 12 Months TNAVC1027
Diploma In Office Automation And Accounting 12 Months TNAVC1029
Advance Diploma In Computer Teacher Training 12 Months TNAVC1061
Diploma In Computer Language 12 Months TNAVC1067
Advance Diploma In Computer Hardware 12 Months TNAVC1083
Diploma In Java Script 12 Months TNAVC1084
Diploma In Computer Office Automation & Accounting 12 Months TNAVC1085
Advance Certificate In Computer Application 12 Months TNAVC1096
Diploma In Digital Marketing 12 Months TNAVC1099
Diploma In Computer Application & Accounting 12 Months TNAVC1104
Diploma In Web Development 12 Months TNAVC1106
Diploma In Data Entry 12 Months TNAVC1111
Diploma In Fundamentals Of Digital Business 12 Months TNAVC1119
Diploma In Open Source Intelligence 12 Months TNAVC1128
Diploma In Office Administration 12 Months TNAVC1129
Diploma In Account And Tally 12 Months TNAVC1142
Diploma In Office Administration Executive. 12 Months TNAVC1162
Diploma In Information Technology 12 Months TNAVC1188
Diploma In Computer Science. 12 Months TNAVC1199
Diploma In Internet Application & E-Commerce 12 Months TNAVC1201
Ntt (Nursery Teacher Training) 12 Months TNAVC1019
Diploma In Early Childhood Education 12 Months TNAVC1020
Montessori Teacher Training Course 12 Months TNAVC1143
Diploma In Elementary Education. 12 Months TNAVC1153
Diploma In Education & Training 12 Months TNAVC1197
Diploma In Beauty Technician 12 Months TNAVC1035
Diploma In Hair & Skin Care 12 Months TNAVC1036
Diploma In Beauty & Wellness 12 Months TNAVC1037
Diploma In Cosmetology 12 Months TNAVC1038
Diploma In Hair Dressing 12 Months TNAVC1121
Diploma In Stitching And Sewing Technology 12 Months TNAVC1023
Diploma In Stitching And Sewing Technology 12 Months TNAVC1023
Certificate In Hospitality & Tourism Administration 12 Months TNAVC1001
Diploma In Hospitality Management 12 Months TNAVC1044
Diploma In Public Administration 12 Months TNAVC1059
Certificate In Hospitality Management 12 Months TNAVC1081
Diploma In Culinary Arts 12 Months TNAVC1100
Diploma In Business Management 12 Months TNAVC1112
Diploma In Office Assistant 12 Months TNAVC1131
Diploma In Library Management 12 Months TNAVC1134
Certificate In Tourism 12 Months TNAVC1137
Diploma In Hotel Management & Catering 12 Months TNAVC1155
Diploma In Hospitality & Tourism Management 12 Months TNAVC1164
Diploma In Financial Management 12 Months TNAVC1194
Diploma In Art And Craft 12 Months TNAVC1006
General Duty Assistant 12 Months TNAVC1014
Diploma In Civil Draftsman 12 Months TNAVC1017
Diploma In Food And Beverage 12 Months TNAVC1031
Diploma In Security Service 12 Months TNAVC1033
Diploma In Automobile Engineering 12 Months TNAVC1047
Certificate In Journalism 12 Months TNAVC1051
Diploma In Electrician 12 Months TNAVC1053
Diploma In Carpenter 12 Months TNAVC1058
Diploma In Emergency Medical Technician 12 Months TNAVC1063
Diploma In Agriculture Business 12 Months TNAVC1064
Diploma In Welder 12 Months TNAVC1066
Diploma In Cookery 12 Months TNAVC1072
Diploma In Bee Keeping 12 Months TNAVC1087
Diploma In Dairy Farm 12 Months TNAVC1093
Advance Diploma In Journ. & Mass Comm. 12 Months TNAVC1094
Diploma In Plumber 12 Months TNAVC1101
Diploma In Mason 12 Months TNAVC1115
Diploma In Construction Plasterer 12 Months TNAVC1139
Iti Plumber. 12 Months TNAVC1154
Iti In Diesel Mechanic 12 Months TNAVC1167
Iti In Welder 12 Months TNAVC1185
Diploma In Food & Beverage. 12 Months TNAVC1192
Diploma In Legal Studies 12 Months TNAVC1193
Diploma In Electrician. 12 Months TNAVC1196
Diploma In Bakery & Confectionery 12 Months TNAVC1202
Diploma In Mass Communication 12 Months TNAVC1203
Diploma In Paralegal Practice 12 Months TNAVC1204
Diploma In Social Work. 12 Months TNAVC1205
Iti In Carpenter 12 Months TNAVC1207
Diploma In Health Education And Community Services 12 Months TNAVC1034
Diploma In Nutrition & Health Care 12 Months TNAVC1080
Diploma In Sociology 12 Months TNAVC1092
Diploma In Physiotherapy 12 Months TNAVC1117
Diploma In Health Administration 12 Months TNAVC1178

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