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24 Months Courses

24 Months Courses

TechNext Academy proudly presents our extensive 24-month courses, a visionary educational pathway for individuals committed to mastering their chosen field. In an ever-evolving landscape, these extended-duration programs offer an unparalleled opportunity for comprehensive skill development, strategic specialization, and a profound understanding of industry dynamics. Tailored for those seeking a profound educational journey, our 24-month courses are designed to instill expertise, foster innovation, and cultivate a deep sense of professional competence.

Spanning two years, our courses provide an immersive and transformative experience that goes beyond conventional education. This extended duration allows for a comprehensive exploration of subjects, equipping students with a holistic understanding of theoretical frameworks, practical applications, and emerging trends. The curriculum is carefully curated to reflect the dynamic needs of industries, ensuring graduates possess not only current knowledge but also the foresight to navigate future challenges.

TechNext Academy’s faculty, comprising seasoned experts and industry leaders, bring a wealth of experience to the classroom. This mentorship ensures that students not only grasp theoretical concepts but also gain practical insights from professionals actively contributing to their respective fields. The 24-month duration allows for mentor-student relationships to flourish, fostering a supportive and enriching learning environment.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond traditional education. We believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals who are not just knowledgeable but also possess the adaptability and resilience needed in today’s fast-paced world. The extended timeframe facilitates the development of critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a strong ethical foundation, preparing students for leadership roles in their chosen industries.

Whether you’re embarking on a career change, aiming for advanced specialization, or seeking to make a significant impact in your current field, our 24-month courses offer a transformative educational experience. Join TechNext Academy on this extended journey of growth and empowerment, where education becomes a catalyst for long-term success and a fulfilling professional life.

Course Name Duration Code
Diploma In Information Technology 24 Months TNAVC1008
Diploma In Statistics 24 Months TNAVC1041
Advance Diploma In Computer Programming 24 Months TNAVC1048
Diploma In Accounts 24 Months TNAVC1070
Diploma In Computer Information Technology 24 Months TNAVC1091
Advance Diploma In Office Automation And Accounting 24 Months TNAVC1124
Advance Diploma In Computer Application(Adca) 24 Months TNAVC1150
Diploma In Graphics & Web Design 24 Months TNAVC1170
Diploma In Office Administration Executive 24 Months TNAVC1179
Diploma In Internet Application & E-Commerce 24 Months TNAVC1189
Diploma In Financial Accounting. 24 Months TNAVC1198
Diploma In Computer Applications. 24 Months TNAVC1208
Diploma In Digital Marketing. 24 Months TNAVC1211
Diploma In Early Childhood Care And Education (ECCE) 24 Months TNAVC1054
Diploma In Elementary Education. 24 Months TNAVC1173
Diploma In Hospitality Management 24 Months TNAVC1015
Diploma In Business Management 24 Months TNAVC1028
Diploma In Hotel Management 24 Months TNAVC1030
Diploma In Culinary Management 24 Months TNAVC1065
Diploma In Hospitality & Tourism Management 24 Months TNAVC1079
Diploma In Hotel Management Administrative 24 Months TNAVC1082
Diploma In Hospitality & Tourism 24 Months TNAVC1113
Diploma In Sports Management 24 Months TNAVC1114
Diploma In Front Desk Office 24 Months TNAVC1133
Diploma In Library Management 24 Months TNAVC1135
Diploma In Business Economics 24 Months TNAVC1146
Diploma In Retail Management 24 Months TNAVC1161
Diploma In Public Relations 24 Months TNAVC1165
Diploma In Hospitality Management. 24 Months TNAVC1190
Post Graduate Diploma In Business Management 24 Months TNAVC1209
Diploma In Electronics & Technology 24 Months TNAVC1007
Diploma In Fire And Safety 24 Months TNAVC1068
Diploma In Agriculture 24 Months TNAVC1069
Diploma In Cooking 24 Months TNAVC1097
Diploma In Bakery & Pastry 24 Months TNAVC1102
Diploma In Carpentery 24 Months TNAVC1105
Diploma In Mechanical 24 Months TNAVC1109
Diploma In Mechanical Engineering 24 Months TNAVC1132
ITI In Plumber 24 Months TNAVC1136
Diploma In Biological Science 24 Months TNAVC1138
ITI In Welder 24 Months TNAVC1168
ITI In Electrician 24 Months TNAVC1171
Diploma In Car Service Techncian 24 Months TNAVC1187
ITI In Painter 24 Months TNAVC1200
Diploma In Paralegal Practice. 24 Months TNAVC1206
Naturopathy And Acupressure Medical System 24 Months TNAVC1010
Diploma In Medical Lab Technician 24 Months TNAVC1042
Diploma In Hearing Impairment 24 Months TNAVC1046
Diploma In Operation Theatre Technology 24 Months TNAVC1050
Diploma In Health Office Administration 24 Months TNAVC1057
Medical Records Assistant 24 Months TNAVC1071
Diploma In Social Work 24 Months TNAVC1107
Diploma In Physiotherapy 24 Months TNAVC1145
Advance Diploma In Health Care And Social Assistance 24 Months TNAVC1160
Diploma In Health Administration 24 Months TNAVC1166
Diploma In NutrITIon & Health Care 24 Months TNAVC1172
Diploma In Healthcare Assistant 24 Months TNAVC1184

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